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Ah, strategy games. The genre that sometimes make you sit and play for hours on end. The feeling of outplaying and outsmarting your opponents can be really great. Below is our list of best browser strategy game :

Bloomin’ Gardens

Arrange these wonderful flowers into a line

Do you remember those line games, back in the day? Well, here’s another version of those, with a more flowery look for all you garden lovers out there. Bloomin’ Gardens is a very interesting online strategy game, where you have come up with a strategy to manage and relocate the flowers so that they don’t become overgrown. The flowers will disappear when put in a straight line of five — pretty much the same mechanism as in the old line games. The game has a wide variety of flowers for you to arrange. It’s indeed a very nice strategy game.

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Laundry Manager

It’s time to do your laundry!

Our next game is an online strategy game on PC. In Laundry Manager, you are the owner and staff of a laundromat that is well known and has a lot of customers visiting everyday. Your job is to take customers’ clothes and their orders, fulfill them, and return the clothes as fast as possible. There will be a goal for you to accomplish each day; the next goal will always be higher than the last one. Satisfy your customers and collect money in order to buy upgrades for your store, making your work even easier.

Zombie Tower Defense Uprise

Don’t let the zombie get to your brain!

Zombie Tower Defense Uprise is a tower defense game that will put you in a fight against the undead. Manage your money and choose the towers that fit your budget plans, as the zombies move closer and closer to the greatest prize a zombie ever want: your sweet, juicy and delicious brain. So if you don’t want your brain to be eaten, you should hurry up and build your defense on the adjacent building to stop the zombies and make them dead once and for all. There a large variety of towers for you to choose from, each with their very own characteristic. No tower is perfect, so mix them together for the best zombie defense grid you can build!

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Plants Vs Zombies

Who said plants can’t fight against zombies?

I guess you are very familiar with this zombie strategy game by now. If you’re not, here’s the short introduction: your house is on the verge of being run over by ugly, brain-eating zombies, and the only thing that can keep the zombies from entering your house is your empty garden. Well, for now. Place the plants on your garden, and use them to take down the nasty zombies. Each kind of plant has a different ability, so develop a strategy that works best for you against the different zombies. What are you waiting for? Let’s get planting!

Businessman Simulator

Become the biggest entrepreneur in the world

Businessman Simulator is an interesting strategy business management game that you can play for free. In this game, you are an aspiring businessman who starts his business from a very small and humble job: selling burgers. Each business of yours has a line, which increases each time you upgrade your business. When you finish filling up the line, you will get double the income. As you collect money and save up, you can spend your hard-earned money on expanding your business: fast food, social network, entertainment… you name it. Do you think you can rise to the top and become the number one billionaire?

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Defend yourself against countless waves of enemies in this real time strategy game

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is indeed a fun strategy that will make you squeeze out the best tactics you can think of to defend endless waves of enemies. In order to protect your castle, you have to build towers along the way that the enemies will take to slow them down and kill them. Be wise on how you place those towers as you need lots of money to build them and your money are not limitless, at the same time killing the enemies doesn’t give you much reward either. You have to think carefully on what to spend, what kind of tower should you choose and when to upgrade your towers for faster attacking speed and higher damage output.


Shoot down those battleships!

Defend your home from pirates in Battlecoast, a free online action game! Man the tower and wipe out waves of ships as they attempt to land. You get upgradable damage and reload speed as your troops gain experience; you’ll need these boosts because the power level of the pirates increases drastically. Starting out with small, fast sloops, the pirates quickly upgrade to large man-o-wars that’ll shred your defences! In this game, you don’t simply hit the boats where they are, but you have to hit them where they will be. Wipe out the smaller, faster ships, and work your way up towards the big ones. They may seem tiny, but those ships can do a lot of damage if you leave them unattended.

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Monster Saga

How strong do you think your monsters are?

The well-known online real time strategy game, Monster Saga, is the story of a young boy who falls into a hole and discovers a completely different, new world. This online strategy defense game has mystical creatures, ranging from the cutest things you’ve ever seen, to the big, bad, and scary. In this free online game, you ready your monsters for battle as you fight against other monsters in this tactical and strategic game. Are you ready for the battle? Well, you’d better be, because the monsters on the other side are ready for you. Time to upgrade your monsters and defeat all your opponents!

Battle Battle

It’s like hide and seek, but with FIREBALLS!

The name so nice you have to say it twice. Welcome to Battle Battle, a free strategy game online that can be very challenging but quite simple at the same time. You will be battling your way against a series of progressive characters and take on their little creatures. Much of the game relies on luck, but after several plays, you can begin to understand and predict where your opponent might be hiding. However, your opponent can learn from your ways of playing as well, so think carefully, make yourself unpredictable, and defeat them all!

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So, tell me, what do you think of these strategy games we mentioned? Have you come up with a strategy to play them all? Jump into these games and play today!


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